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17 years ago

Constant Corrupted Indexes

I am using EV 6 sp4.  It seems everytime I do a search against my journal archive to fufill a request I find the index is corrupted.  It takes serveral days if not weeks to rebuild. Does anyone know why this is happening so frequently?  When shutting down these servers for maintenece what order should the SQL and EV servers be brought down, any other considerations.
EV is great when it works but everytime I need to fufil a request or audit the indexes are corrupted.  EV is starting to get a bad name in my office.

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  • Aaron:
    Out of curiosity, what is support telling you?   Obviously this is an important issue to all of us.  Tony: any insight?
    Also, my understanding is that 2007 has some improvements in this area ....
  • I'd suggest to open a case with Symantec, this is certainly not the way it should be.
    Have you got this corruption on other archives, too?
    How big is the Index?
    On what storage do the indexes reside?

    Shutting down EV is done like this:
    Stop the EV Admin Task (it will shutdown all other Tasks)
    After this, you can stop the SQL Server.


  • AntiVirus will cause corruption if you have not excluded the indexing area. If on a NAS then other considerations need to be addressed. 
    Are the indexes on a UNC Path?
    Also, is the index corrupt or failed. A corrupt index will need to be rebuilt a failed index can be placed back online.
    Check the AVTrace.log in the index directory. If the size is more that "0" then something is logged. Post that information.
    What are you seeing in the Event log.
    Tony posted a best practice for indexing. If I find the link then I will post.
    Jim S.