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12 years ago

Continue archiving a disabled Exchange mailbox



Spent most of the day reading through the multiple discussions around Leavers processes.

Still having an issue with how I would like to deal with Leavers accounts.


If all my users are EV enabled and being successfully archived by EV, when it comes to them leaving and having their accounts disabled, I want to be able to disable their AD user account (ExcludeDisabledADAccounts is set to 0 & ProcessHiddenMailboxes is set to 1), and also disable their Exchange 2007 mailbox so that it will automatically be deleted after x amount of days

At the same time, their AD account gets moved into a new Provisioning Group that archives all the current mailbox content.

So EV would need to continue archiving the disabled mailbox in order for the new policy to strip out all the existing content in the mailbox. If that makes sense?

Have been testing with a few accounts, and it seems that when the Exchange mailbox is disabled, EV stops archiving it?

Have confirmed the new provisioning group works, by testing with another account that was disabled in AD, but their Exchange mailbox left alone, all content was successfully archived.

Is there something extra i need to do to get EV to archive disabled mailboxes, or can it not do that?



  • I may be wrong so please dont shoot me ;-) however I understand 'Disabling a Mailbox in Exch 2007' to be the same as disconnecting a mailbox from an AD account as in Exch2003. It effectivly removes all exchange attributes. I personally wouldnt have expected EV to be able to access this, as I dont think it would have done if the mailbox was in Exch2003. I thought the 'ExcludeDisabledADAccounts' actually refers to the associated AD login account being disabled. Again, maybe I am wrong but thats the way I see it.

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