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6 years ago

Could not connect to the Migrator Server on computer <servername>

I am trying to export many Enterprise Vault archives to PST and it seems like when an archive is on one particular server, I receive the error

"Could not connect to the Migrator Server on computer <computername>.  Check that the computer is available."

"Error: The RPC server is unavailable."

I check the services running on the server in question and don't see any problem.  All services are running.  Don't see any alarming events in the event viewer.  I'm not sure what to check next.  We are running Enterprise Vault 9.0.2.  I restart these servers almost daily to make sure memory is low and cleared.

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  • You would have to set up a backtrace or a DTrace to be able to hunt down what is happening. The error is too generic IMHO. It generally means some sort of disconnection or blip. These sorts of exports take forever and when a service cycles (for example as is done in some backup procedures) then it will kill the export. 

    You may want to evaluate what you are doing and how you are doing it. In my busness we get a lot of customers attempting to do "manual migrations" by exporting the content and there are a bunch of pitfalls, this is just one of them.