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4 years ago

Create Exchange Mailbox Archive from command line?

EDIT - Is it possible to create a new Exchange Mailbox archive from command line or programmatically?

I have 1384 PST files for users who left the company, there is no AD account or mailbox to work from using the normal 'enable mailbox' method to create the archive.

I tested using the 'Shared' archive type but the server driven PST tool will only allow me to assign an Exchange Mailbox archive type to the PST for processing.

Feels like I'm missing something obvious here..

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  • So I'm guessing this is not possible based on the lack of replies.  : )

    I'd prefer not to have to create 1,384 accounts/mailboxes just to add them to EV so these old PSTs can be ingested.

    This customer has had EV for years but never fully deployed it to their users and their old way of handling staff that left was to dump the contents of the mailbox to a PST and then delete the mailbox and account.  :/

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      Hello Joseph,

      I could not find anything related to this being possible. I understand that you have issues with getting PST's into shared archives. I have succesfully imported PST's in shared archives. 

      Can you describe what issue you have when importing into a shared archive? 

      I did the following: Create a shared archive in a vaultstore. On the EV server managing that Vault Store, copy the PST file to a folder. Set full permissions for the VSA on the PST file. Import PST to shared archive.


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        This is an EV 12.5.2 environment.

        What tool are using to import the PST into a Shared Archive?

        I have been trying to use the Server driven method with Locate, Collect, Migrator tasks. When I look at the properties of a 'located' PST it has the option to assign an archive but the only archive type shown are Exchange Mailbox archives.

        Also I tried the PST Migration Wizard which allows you to select either an Exchange Mailbox archive or an Internet Archive. And I cannot create new archives of either type.