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14 years ago

Custom Filtering by words, or phrases in message body. Retention Folders and SQL Replication.

Me Again,    Stupid question guy!   I've got a client at the moment that believe they have a requirement for a couple of things (I don't have access to test these at the moment, painfully eno...
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    14 years ago

    #2 : Am absolutely sure, however i think there may be some feature enhancements forthcoming soon that may help you out better, but i don't have much detail on it

    and #3: OK I get what you're saying, i guess you could change the EnterpriseVaultDirectoryDSN and other DSN's to point at different SQL Servers on different EV Servers, would not recommend it though as that would be a cheap hack

    The only real thing you can do with seperate SQL Servers is have a vault store on different SQL Servers and what not but thats not what you're after either.