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16 years ago

Customizing EV reports



Does anyone know how to customize the EV reports?


I want to create reports like Items Archived per hour and specify which vaults to report on. E.G report on Items archived per hour for my FSA by location and for my journaling.


I ask this because not all my vaults are active. most of them are historic and i dont want to report on them all as most of them are not ingesting data.


Also reports like the 24 hour health status. This report you must specify each EV server one at a time. Can we do a report that covers all servers in one output?



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  • Unfortunately, you would have to create your own reports out of the SQL Data.

    There is some improvement in the next EV Version, I think.




  • Looks like everything is in the next version



    I'm setting up my bauer beta ebvironment now. I'll let you know if the improvements are in there




  • Yes, do this.

    They have done some cool things there... :)



  • Scanner,


    You are best off learning how to create your own SQL server reporting services reports.   It is pretty easy.  I usually do it through development studio but I think that there are other ways if you don;t have that.


    Here is a web page to get started:


    Otherwise you can just do SQL queries against the database.