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19 years ago

Deduplicationcache.exe hangs and causes Journal archiving to stop

Does anyone know if there is a problem with deduplicationcache.exe that would cause it to hang and prevent journal archiving from happening?

Journal archive was not happening and the journal mailbox built up to 16K items this morning. In the DTRACE log, I saw the mapi mutex processing the mailbox already messages but no errors. I stopped and restarted the journal service but journal archiving still wouldn't start. I stopped the journal service again and used task manager to kill deduplicationcache.exe and then restarted the journal service and now the journal mailbox is being processed.

We are using EV 5.0 SP5 on Windows 2003 and the Journal mailbox is on an Exchange 2003 server.

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  • Also, when I restarted the journal task I notice that deduplicationcache.exe starts with only 78MB RAM but when I killed it, it was using about 1.5GB RAM. Does it have a memory leak?
  • Hey Mike,

    I'm not 100% sure but I think the deduplicationcache.exe runs when you have a journal connector installed.

    Do they have a journal connector installed? Maybe you can disable it and see if the issue still happens.
  • Hi,

    Yes there was a memory leak for which a hotfix is available. Contact Symantec support. Quote Etrack 417231
  • Hmm, it sounds like you are using Compliance V6.

    If so, you cannot use it with Vault 5.

    If I am mistaken, and you are on Vault 6, then get to the latest build CA6 SP1 that will address the issues we found in CA6.