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11 years ago

Deleting a Restored Mailbox - What will happen to archived emails

I'm using exchange 2010 with EV 9.3.

We normally receive request to restore mailbox from backup tape, and with the exchange 2010 restore and the restore-mailbox commandlet, we will directly extract the mailbox from backup to the existing mailbox in a folder. So the whole mailbox folder structure will be available in a folder and the required emails will be moved to main mailbox.

At this point, i will have double the size of a mailbox (two mailbox). Existing one and the mailbox restore from last weeks backup to restore a single email. and to maintain the mailbox size, we will ask the user to delete the restored mailbox folder.

Our EV is configured to allow user to delete the archived emails. Please help me to understand what will happen to the archived emails.

will it delete the archived emails in backend?

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