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18 years ago

Deleting items from vault

We're beginning to explore various options for a new Records Management initiative.  Previously, we simply used EV to control mailbox sizes.  With the move to Exchange 2007 and managed folders we'd like to set it up so that when a process, such as a transport rule to delete email older than 90 days. removes the shortcut from the mailbox, it also deletes the item out of the vault.
How can I set this up?

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  • The question is why would you do it this way? Why not just archive with a 90 day retention period, turn on shortcut deletion and let EV handle everything. You could change the Exchange policy to 92 days to catch any "stragglers".
  • We'd like to continue to archive to keep our mailbox sizes down, but different managed folders will have different retention periods so we can't just do a blanket 90 day rule or whatever. So, an item gets archived in someone's Inbox, then they move they stub to a managed folder with a 7 year retention period on it that will be controlled by an Exchange 2007 rule.  When Exchange purges the item I assume it is only going to delete the stub, leaving the item in the vault. 
    What is the best way to handle this?