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10 years ago

DFV File restore from Netbackup / Enterprise Vault

Dear forum.

I have a large set of .DVS and .DVF files which have been provided from an old archive and I need to extract the data.

The Enterprise Vault environment has been destroyed (company buy out, so the servers, AD, domain no longer exists).

All I have is a VERY LARGE collection of .CAB .DVS and .DVF files that I need to convert back to native format. I can read the .DVF with WinRa and see the contents, but the .DVS isnt readable.

Without wanting to completely rebuild the old EV environment is there any way for me to enmasse extract the data and present to native format?

I've tried FSAUtility.exe but this needs the original file servers to be present to redirect the contents back to.

Useful advice gladly welcomed.