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16 years ago

Disabled AD users



Just wanted to check if a user has left the company and we have

- Disabled the AD login.

- Hide the exchange address list.

- Setup a policy to archive all emails in the mailbox for that OU- disabled users container


Will archving run and archive all the emails or does the Hide from exchange address list needs to be unticked.



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  • Can the account be disabled but not hidden from GAL and be archived.?
  • Can the AD account be disabled but not hidden for archiving to happen?
  • You can disable the AD account, but for EV it is still there. You archives then must be cleaned up (SIS) when the user is deleted and you must grant new permissions for other users to have access to it. For only a view one you can do this manually, otherwise contact our company for using a tool for that...






  • If some user leaves the company

    the AD account gets disbaled.

    and the user hidden from GAL


    My question is will archiving still run to finish what ever is left in his mailbox to be archived.

    or for archiving to happen does the account need to be enabled and available thorugh GAL or one of them?