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11 years ago

Does copying the EV VaultStore item to the CIFS share causing the file server to hangs ?


I'm currently in the process of copying the EV VaultStore item from the NTFS drive in my EV 9.0.4 Cumulative HotFix 5 server into the CIFS share with Robocopy script.

The current EV FSA archive task has been stopped since last year on 2013 so nothing gets ingested by EV from the Windows Server 2008 cluster File Server since the day I stopped EV FSA archive.

However, the user complaints that the file server hangs and the mapped Network drive (Home drives and File server) is not available intermittently.

Is this caused or related by copying the EV VaultStore to the CIFS share ?

I'm looking forward for the reply and the clarification.


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  • This TechNote: is not applicable since I have already applied the CHF 5 ( on the EV server and the File Server EV FSA agent.

  • it's possible that you're overloading the server. maybe try limiting the process to after-hours or weekends.

  • But how come the file server is affected if the VaultStore is being copied over ?
  • whatever shared resources they're all trying to use are probably impacted. disks, network, cpu, memory, etc.

  • Both File Server and the EV server they are on different ESXi hosts and different datastore. I have just reviewed the robocopy log that there is no files copied it was just incremental run to see what is left after the initial copy but nothing seems to be copied over(all skipped). But still the question remains why the EV copy process can affects the file server that is using EV as read only to pull out archived files ?
  • sorry but i really doubt it has anything to do with EV so we're probably grasping at straws here trying to guess