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13 years ago

Enable Outlook Anywhere in EV 10 and Exchange 2010


Hi All,
I would like to know is it mandatory to publish EV server to enable outlook anywhere?
I tried to enable outlook anywhere but i got an "couldn't process the selected item , Reason : The web server is available but is not configured correctly for Enterprise Vault".
The Desktop Policy configured to use proxy, and the proxy Url is empty.
OWA is cofigured correctly and it is works successfully, now i need to enable outlook anywhere.
also i found that the Archive Explorer doesnt work becouse it use the internal EV server URL. and I think this is the same issue with outlook Anywhere
Exchange server 2010 and EV 10.0.
what is the required steps to enable outlook anywhere.
I found this tech note i tried it but it is not solved the issue also it is not cleared  what is environment configurations.
Thank you all in advance. 

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