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7 years ago

Enterprise Vault 11 Replace Hardware


I'm in process of moving EV 11 to new hardware (Win 2008R2 to Win 2012R2).

I followed this guid.

I installed new server and installed EV 11.

My question is, do i need to install the same CHF as installed in old server before running configuration wizard?

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  • Hello,

    Yes you do. The guide you reference states:

    Install the same version of Enterprise Vault as is being used in the current environment. 

    this does mean you need to be on the same level as is on the server where you come from.

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      Thank you GertjanA.

      The customer would like to get an official answer for that topic.

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        You'll get an 'official' answer if you open a support case on that.

        I quoted the guide, doesn't get more official than that.

        To elaborate.

        You have EV11.0 or EV11.0.1. You have applied CHF's. If you look at the installation document for CHF's, you see that most of the time a database upgrade is required. If the latest what you have installed did require a database upgrade, you WILL need to be on the same level. If you have a hotfix installed which did not require a database upgrade, you can decide to move, but you WILL have to apply the hotfix afterwards. I strongly advise to build the target server the same as the source.