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2 years ago

Enterprise Vault 14.2 Drives

Setting up new storage for the EVault 14.2 Server. Trying to determine drive setups for the Legacy Indexes, Elastic Search Indexes, Vault Store Partitions, MSMQ, and Vault Cache. I just had an open case with support and was told the legacy Index files should not be on the same drive as the Elastic Search indexes. Can the Vault Store Partitions reside on the same drive as the Elastic Search indexed. Where should the MSMQ files reside?

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  • Hello,

    MSMQ can be placed on the Systemdrive (C:\ usually). Unless you have a very high archving rate, then put them on a small disk. I would definitely not have VSP's on the same drive as the Indexes, due to i/o restraints. I obviously do not know your storage solution, but what you can do if you use CIFS shares/Networkdrives for the VSP's, is to map those to an empty folder on a small disk. Create a folder called VaultStorePartitions, then subfolders Partition1, Partition2 etc. Mount the respective CIFS/Networkdrives in each folder.

    As for the legacy indexes, these most likely will provide search only, so I would try the same solution as for the VSP's.

    There is documentation available which will assist in moving VSP/Indexlocations if necessary.