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4 years ago

Enterprise Vault Backup 12.5

we are Taking backup for EV setup like below using Netbackup .

1) Full Backup Friday, Cumulative Incremental Backup Dialy (Mondy to Thursday)  

we have a lot of errors reported like below : 

The fingerprint database 'EVVSGStoreGroup01_1_1' transaction log for Vault Store Group 'StoreGroup01' has not been backed up for 7 days. The information in this database is at risk until the database has been backed up.


We do know that Differential Incremental Backup is the only backup take that is used to truncate the SQL  transaction log and we know that the best practice to do Full Weekly Backup, and Differential Incremental daily.

What is the best practice to keep my backup type like Full Weekly, Cumulative incremental daily, and get rid of the SQL logs error using the NetBackup software? 

The Main Purpose is, I need to simplify the restoration process (last Full, Last Cumulative incremental ) 



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  • Hello,

    The 'error' you see if because the check done by EV relies to see a FULL backup, not differential or incremental. We perform the same. What you can do is adjust the interval time in EV Monitoring.

    Site properties, tab Monitoring, at line Vault Store Database Backup, set the threshold to 8. Thi s means that if there is not a full backup younger than 8 days, the alert will show. As you make a full backup every 7 days, the alert should never occurr. Which also means, that IF it occurs, your latest full did not work.

    You can also change the Vault Store Transaction Log backup, but I advise to NOT do that.

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      Hello GertjanA, 

      Thank you for your reply, as you know the only backup schedule that will back up the Database Transaction Log and truncate it is the Differential incremental Backup . 

      Recommended basic backup configurations when protecting Enterprise Vault 10 using the NetBackup 7.1 and later Enterprise Vault Agent. (

      so if I didn't use the Diff-incremental backup I will still see the alert messages after the Full Backup for the SQL transaction logs.  (Please Correct me if I'm wrong ) 

      Netbackup recommends to take Full Weekly, Diff-Incremental Daily, but I don't want to relay on Diff-Incremental because It will take a long time for the restore process, I need to do 

      Full Weekly, Cumulate-incremental Daily ( here is the question, Transaction log backup notification will keep showing even after the full ) 

      Again I'm using  NetBackup for the Enterprise vault agent 


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        Hello Hamzeh,

        I am not familiar with the NBU agent used by EV.

        I do know that in my environment, there are basically 2 backup tasks. 

        1 = full backup EV database

        2 = Full backup and truncate Transaction Log database.

        number 2 runs every 4 hours for my environment.

        Have a look at this  technote, which has links to the specific information.