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10 years ago

Enterprise Vault enterprisevaultfsa_m.dl cluster time out - (blue screem 09E)

Dear, I have been experiencing problems when I need to turn the File Server cluster between nodes.
The problem has generated constant mistakes blue screem (09E) causing slowdowns during the passage of the cluster, this slowness is being caused by DLL 'enterprisevaultfsa_m.dll'.
-Each time you got a Failure doing Failover (Symantec Agent installed and running Symantec EV FSA) , the failure arise in the same way we know (same System Events/Cluster Logs  data)
-Is remarkable that when Symantec Agent was not running , Failovers between nodes flow  without issues , and in timely fashion (more quickly)
-When Symantec Agent is running, Failover Process take more time to finish (Pending Timeout default Value is 180 seconds or 3 minutes) . 
-Apparently, Symantec Agent is the responsible of this delay (timedout)  ,and this is the cause of the failure.
 That perhaps someone has been through this kind of problem could direct me to a solution?
The version of my environment is currently
Since now, thank you.

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  • can you share all the pertinent details of your file server cluster?

    also, what is the file version of EnterpriseVaultFSA_M.dll on both of your nodes?

  • OK, this is a CMS (Microsoft cluster) cluster running file shares with FSA agent installed.
    The version of this Enterprise Vault FSA_M.dll it's 10.0.17738.

  • Hi Elieser,

    Do you have base 10.0.4 EV/FSA Agent Installed or do you have the latest CHF installed on both EV and FSA Node too?


    We have seen a few issues around BSs with FSA and fail overs with a few technotes out there.

    Most of these, if not all, have been fixed within 10.0.4 CHF3 so if you arent on that yet I would strongly recommend that you upgrade AT LEAST the FSA Agent to 10.0.4 CHF3 preferably both FSA Agent and EV Server.



  • Hi Ben, see my comments above about version:  

    The version of my environment is currently , this version correspond to 10.0.4 CHF3 is already applied to the environment.

    But after has applied this update, the environment yet has errors about FSA Agent.

  • Hello Elieser,


    So you applied CHF3 to both the EV Server and the FSA Nodes and since then you havent seen any bluescreens, is that correct?