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5 years ago

Enterprise Vault FSA archived share migrate

Hello everybody

We have little bit older version of Enterprise Vault (v which we using it for FSA (file syste archiving)

We have couple of volumes and multiple shares that we are archiving and it is working well..

Last night, my colleague has copy (by using robocopy) one share that is archived to another volume (all content: files as well as placeholders), and he unshare that old share on old path and share it on that new volume.

Now, users cannot reach their archives from that share.

When we try to reach archived files directly from file server by clicking at one of placeholders, on old path we got error "This file is currently not available for use on this computer", but when I doubleclick to the same placeholder on new volume, file opens but it's empty and that file is not retreived from EV - it stays as placeholder.

He didn't use fsautility which I told him that he made a mistake... So, can anybody advise what should we do to make that archives from new current share on that new volume reachable for users - should we utilize fsautility to recreate placeholders, or to move placeholders... I'm not sure...

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  • Hi Micek,

    The issue here is that Robocopy does not always wait for the data in the file to be recalled before moving the file.  If this occurs the file in the destination will be corrupt.  This is because the process will attempt to recall the data from EV.  The file is most likely APO or PO for attrbutes and missing the L attribute which points to the item location in EV.  

    You can recreate the PH flies in the original location using FSAUtility -c -s \\source command or restore full files to the target folder using FSAUtility -t -s \\source -d \\target folder.  You will either have to use a -f to force the overwrite of files, which comes with a potential to overwrite newly updated files in the destination, or remove the corrupt files before running the command.  

    If you need to move the PH files after using FSAUtility -c command then you will need to use FSAUtility -m or -pm to move them properly.  Or you can perform a backup/restore of the data as the PH should remain in tact.  Here is a document on migrating -



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      Thank you very much.. .I thouth so that we will need to recreate PH files on original location and after that proprerly move them with fsautil to destination location...

      I just wanted a confirmation.

      Will try to do that way and inform you...