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7 years ago

Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In Compatibility

Hello Friends,

We are in a process of migrating EV 10.04 to EV 12.2.0 with 5000+ users. Just want to make sure if the EV Outlook Add-In 10.x will work with EV 12.x Server. Checked the compatibility on Veritas Portal on below link which mentions need to have EV Outlook Add-In 11.x and above 

But wanted to check if anyone tried with EV Add-In 10.x with EV Server 12.x. As we want to take over burden of roll-out of clients for multiple offices across globe. 

Thanks in advance



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  • Hi mate,

    In my experience, I have seen on several ocations EV 9.0.x Outlook client working fine with EV server version 11.0.1. You can give it a try, but if it doesn't work, you will have to upgrade the clients too.

  • I have also used 10.X Addin with EV 12, it was working, but it was only for a short time so I can not assure that specific problems are not be expected.

    Since it isn't supported you should not plan to let the Addin on 10.X