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10 years ago

Enterprise Vault Search - unknown zone (mixed)

Hi there,

we're running EV11 with cumulative update 2.The new search is pretty exciting, but we noticed one annoyance:

When opening an archived item with a double-click IE asks me if I want to open or save the file. The root cause must be that the EVS page is located on the "unknown zone (mixed)"; see screenshot attached. We've have added our domain suffix to the intranet zone, so I assume there is something else loading.

I've checked with Fiddler if there is some other traffic going around, but negative. So I assume it has something to do with the aspx content; but I'm not an expert on this. Protected Mode is not activated, so this can't be the cause for this.

On EV10 this has worked well and the site was recognized in the "Intranet Zone", as expected.

Any help would be appreciated.






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