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10 years ago

EV - Onsite and Cloud

I am looking at EV and want to initially use it onsite, to archive users mailboxes. I intend on moving all of this into the cloud, but want to "dip my toe" so to speak with the environment. Can...
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    10 years ago

    EV.Cloud and EV are two completely different products.
    EV.Cloud was Live Office until Symantec bought them, but rebranded it to EV.Cloud

    Really what you're talking about is Cloud Storage, so that can be hosted in places like Amazon S3, AT&T Synaptix etc.

    So yes, you should be able to archive everything, keep it on site and then migrate them to the cloud the older they get. It would work similar to how you can migrate to tape or secondary storage, but in this case, it would be cloud storage

    You can look at the compatibility lists here on page 35 for a list of cloud providers

    Theres also documentation on how to migrate to AT&T Synaptic Storage

    And here for Amazon S3 Storage

    Your best bet really is to talk to sales and ask for a possible Demo and moving forward with a small pilot, i'm not sure whether you will have to talk to Amazon or your chosen provider regarding a small test run using cloud space or not though