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2 years ago

EV : This volume was ignored on this run of the task

Hi all,

I'm using EV v.14.3. for archiving data from NetApp server.
I created a task (called FSATask_c$) for a hidden volume c$ with contains 2 folders : FOLDER1 and FOLDER2.
Archive Points was created for FOLDER1 and FOLDER2.
I stopped the task FSATask_c$.
I created a new task (FSATask_EVOLDDATA) for a volume EVOLDDATA that contains the same 2 folders than the task FSATask_c$.
I run the task FSATask_EVOLDDATA for FOLDER1 only and it worked well.
Now, I want to run the task FSATask_EVOLDDATA on FOLDER2 only.
The result is :
***Information*** - This volume was ignored on this run of the task. It may be processed on the next run.

May I delete archive points on FOLDER2 even if I have shorcuts on FOLDER2 ?
Some files from sub-folders of FOLDER2 had been archiving.

What's the best way ?

Thanks for your help.

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  • Hi domi_callens, 

    The issue here may be that the path changed when going from volume C$ to EVOLDDATA.   The root path is recorded in the DB and used to validate when the task runs.  

    Running this query in SQL will show the path EV is using as the root path.  

    USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory

    SELECT RootIdentity, FolderName, FolderPath, ArchiveVEID, ParentFolderRootIdentity

    FROM ArchiveFolderView

    WHERE ParentFolderRootIdentity is NULL and Type = 130


    If moving folders, and data is small, it is typically best to recall the data, remove the archive point and recreate the target with the new path. 




  • Hi Patrick,

    Ok, thanks, that's what I thought but didn't want to do.