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8 years ago

EV 10.0.4 CHF3 installed.... now DB logs are growing out of control?

We are still on EV 10.0.4.  I installed Cumulative Hotfix 3 tonight during a scheduled maintenance window. All seemed to go according to plan.  Shortly after I had wrapped it all up and called it goo...
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    8 years ago

    Thanks Michal for the input, and you are absolutely right it turns out.

    For an update... I worked with Veritas support today and ultimately determined that yes, this amount of db changes is to be expected after the update, since it's pretty common for the database entries to be updated as part of a hotfix or update.  What I wasn't aware of, and what I now have squirrelled away in my brain for future updates, after a few harrowing hours of "what the heck is going on!?" is that it is a good idea to put the db into simple recovery mode before applying an update or fix, otherwise you may end up with a bunch of transactions that fill up a LOT of log space on the DB drive pretty quickly. 

    My understanding of simple recovery mode is that the log is "auto-truncated" at whatever size the current log container is, so it does not cause the space growth.  Since nobody in their right mind would re-wind the DB to a point halfway through a scheduled update (you would restore to your backup right before the update), having the DB in simple recovery mode during the upgrade is not that big of a deal... just remember to take it back out after all the db updates are made.

    The final piece here was that our full DB backup method does NOT truncate the DB logs, so this morning we were scratching our heads because we were expecting it to.  We use the Netbackup Enterprise Vault plugin to back up the vault DB's, and it only does a log truncate when doing a differential incremental backup.  So, after firing off a manual diff backup of the vault DB's with Netbackup, 99% of the 101 gig log space that vault was freaking out about was recovered.  Once this was done, I re-ran the health checks in the console are we are back to normal.

    Hope this helps some other poor soul some day who does an update and sees some unexpected behavior.