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EV 10, RedBox telephony/Media server, placeholder recall

EV -

EMC VNX - VNX 5700
Dart Version:     7.1.71-1


Hi guys, thought I'd post here before logging with Symantec, but I do suspect this is going to go to them - any blue sky thoughts though would be helpful

I have a scenario involving a Telephony system called RedBox, EV 10 and an EMC VNX 5700 for storage

RedBox records telephone calls to the EMC, and EV points to these recordings on the EMC and archives the files. This works fine

If I use FSAUtility, I can restore the archived files back to their original location and RedBox is then able to play back the recordings - still no problems

The issue I'm having is if RedBox tries to playback a placeholder it errors

I'd hoped the placeholder would have responded to an attempt to playback/access the placeholder and would recall - much like a double click action, but this doesn't seem to work

Also, simply doubleclicking doesn't initiate a restore either

I DTraced FSA related componants and saw nothing to indicate EV was receiving a restore command

I found the following TechNote which goes someway to explaining the behaviour, but not identical -

The RedBox errors I get are:

ERROR - Replay: Failed to read footer descriptor
Error 2 - getting file status info

I have asked for and been informed I won't/can't get a more detailed description of these error codes, so unfortunately this is all there is

Does anyone here have any experience with this kind of setup? Should the placeholder respond to double click like an archived Word or Office would?

I understood from the manual that if this was an EV config issue, like pass through recall or soemthing, I'd at leasts ee a failed attempt or some communication between the EMC and Ev during DTrace, but there was nothing




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  • I would say, upgrade first to EV 10.0.4 first, to check if the issue still occurs.

  • It SOUNDS like the software is expecting the file but all it is getting is the Placeholder which holds virtually none of the information that RedBox is expecting.

    With FSA, to put it simply, when the Placeholder is accessed by an entity (end user, antivirus, a copy and paste operation etc) unless it is included in the ExcludedExe regkey ( ) it is designed to go off and get the original item, once the item has been recalled from storage the PH is replaced with the original item, Pass-Through Recall is different at this point and keeps the PH in location whilst holding a temporary file elsewhere for access.

    Something to keep in mind though is large files can take some time to be recalled from storage, depending on how large these files are the RedBox software may not be waiting long enough for the file to be returned.


    First thing to do though is what ZeroCool mentions, partly due to that technote. Then if still seeing the issues Dtrace the 'EVPlaceholderService' on the 'Fileserver' (I am unsure as to the ACTUAL Fileserver that is in use here so cant be any more specific at this point) and see if there is a call to the EV Server to restore the item.

    If you are unsure, post the log up here and we can have a look at it, it will contain server names etc so be sure you dont mind sharing those.

  • Thanks guys, I have this logged with Symantec as well, so will update as I havfe more info