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7 years ago

EV 12 large number of savesets

Hi all,

We are using Ev 12.0 with Win 2012 R2 at a customer.

1 Exchange

1 VaultStore

1 Journalmailbox

under 100 Email-Users

and some special mailboxes with a lot of system mails.

After a server crash we are facing issues with savesets that will built up (currently a few millions)

These savesets are growing constantly.

We are using IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger file to mark Backups.

First we had pending items within user mailboxes that did not change (fixed this)

But now it seems like the journal does not get that the savesets are saved.

No items are in any EV queue.

If you look in SQL databases you see "item Unsecured"

Also the Watch File entries seem to match the number of savesets.

Any ideas/similar expiriences?


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      I have just seen, that FileWatch cannot be cleared because 100 invalid savesets were discovered by StorageFileWatch process within 120 sec.

      Seems like he has canceled the process afterwards, which is why saveset do not get worked through.