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15 years ago

EV 8.0 SP2 Icons randomly disappear and reappear


we have a few users enabled for EV, most of the users are still not enabled.
The problem exists on some of the microsoft terminal servers and on local workstations. All have Outlook 2007 installed.

First case:
A local workstation with a user, enabled since 4 weeks. He suddenly didnt had the icons on the bar nor under Extras --> Enterprise Vault.
After he tried to open an archived email the icons and the menu magically reappeared. An ideas?

Second case:
A user(acutally 4 user) on a terminal server. She (like 4 other users) was newly enabled in the last days and already has archived items. The Icons and the menu arnt there, if you reopen Outlook again and again you might be lucky and suddenly the icons reappear. At the moment i cant get the icons back to show.
Is this an issue with the terminal server? EV Enabled User and "normal" Users are working on the same Server. Could that mess up the Addin? (However, the addin should only work for ev enabled users..) The other EV-enabled users on the TS didnt report any issues so far.

*attach trace

What happens, if i run the ResetEVClient Tool? The valkyrie.dll seems like a "global" dll. So running the tool will perform every action for all Users? Or just for the one that runs the tool? Can i run it as an Administrator to apply it to all users?

Any other ideas, whats messing up the icons for the users?


  • Hello,

    we worked around this issue by deleting the user profiles on the Terminalserver upon logoff.
    No Problems have been reported since then.

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