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10 years ago

EV and Global File Sharing software

We have EV 10.4 installed and our currently looking at centralizing our  data and simplify infrastructure management while delivering Global File Sharing with central File Locking to the branch office workforce . We are looking at a product called Talon RemoteFAST .

However Talon specifcally uses the D: volume  which could be a subfolder of the existing volume, As we do not want the software to be contending with our live data we have decided to change the drive letter of the current live data on D: volume if possible

Just wondering the impact on EV ?

So do we need to create another volume of the same size and use FSAutility to move the archived folders and robocopy to move the rest

or can we change the drive letter and recreate the placeholders ? or fix them somehow ?



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  • sounds like FSAutility to move the placeholders would do the trick. i've never heard of that Talon product so i can't comment on it.

  • I think use of the D:\ drive may be the least of your problems. If data is archived would Talon be caching the placeholders? What would the impact be for your branch offices if any user wants to recall something?

  • curious to know what you ended up doing. also, let us know if you have any other questions.