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EV Cab file remote path question


I've just seen an error in my EV11.0.1 environment that I'm after a bit of info so I can troubleshoot a little more. I have 2 EV servers across two datacentres within the same campus which just does user email archivng only  - no FSA and no journaling.

The two evservers (EVServer01 and EVServer02) each have their own Vault Store are in a single VSG and sharing is set to share within group. When a user opens an old archived item from a mailbox archive in EVserver01 I get a storage migrator error 6882 saying the network path to the cab file it needs to unpack is no longer available and give the file path as something like the below:


I noticed that the path to the cab file is on the other EV server(evserver02) and not the server that hosts the users archive - am I right in assuming that this may be down the the VSG sharing configuration?

If I check the path on EVserver02 - this is E:\EnterpriseVaultStores\2010\12-03\7\0DE\ - I can see the cab file exists and can also open the cab file - The error doesn't give me the name of the DVS file but I assume from the error that it can't even get to the cabinet file.

I have the following questions

The file path it gives me is the remote path but how is this translated to the actual path? Does it translate the EVPartition01cdad2e95a9da90$ to the root path url which is something like \\EVServer02\E$\EnterpriseVaultStores\2010\12-03\7\0DE\ via SQL lookups or doesn't it need to do that?

Should I be able to simply put \\evserver02\EVPartition01cdad2e95a9da90$\2010\12-03\7\0DE\ into Windows Explorer on EVServer01 and it takes me to the correct folder on EVServer02 - where I should see the cab file it's looking for?

I've been told that both EV Servers are still accesible on the network, can be connected to over RDP, and all the EV services are running. The 6882 error is only seen in the event viewer on EVServer01 and no errors associated with the failure are seen on EVServer02

I've only just been told about this error and not yet had the chance to investigate but thought I'd try to understand the process better so my troubleshooting can be more systematic. I'm not sure if this is affecting every user on EVServer01 or only a subset of users or only users who request an item that is in a cab file saved on EVServer02.


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  • I think this was down to an external routing\gateway problem. It seems to be fine now so was not probably an EV related issue