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12 years ago

EV client add-on for Outlook

I have a user whereby after installing the EV client add-on for MS outlook 2010, the EV tab does not appear in the toolbar of outlook.

how do I enable the EV add-on to appear ?

Under Outlook Options Add-in, I can see that EV add-on is already installed, but it does not show up in the Outlook Home Tab.


  • You are correct, changing that setting will not affect PST ingestion or any manner of archiving that you currently use. It just means that the client will not look to clean up / remove PST file entries from the user's Outlook profile that have been successfully migrated using the EV server-driven process. So, in your scenario, I would question whether you ever need it set in the first place and confirm that setting it to 0 is therefore a safe and immediate workaround to the problem. The official fix is not in EV10 SP3, we were still investigating when that reached code freeze, but we will endeavour to include it in the first cumulative hotfix for that release. Regards Paul

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