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11 years ago

EV FSA Resize disk and windows partion after implementation


I've just finished an EV FSA 10.0.4 implementation which reduced the data size from 2TB to 500Gb approx on a Windows 2003 file server. I now want to recover this space and so reduce the disk and OS partition sizes and optimise the disk / file layout, we use Netbackup for our backups and the file server is virtual using thick vmdk disks.

Any ideas how best to go about this ?



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  • Are you saying that when you go to the top level folder it now shows 2 TB used or 500 GB used?

  • Hi,

    Basically you archived 2TB of data from your FSA volume and now if shows 500GB used but you want to recover 1.5TB back to the VMWare storage? If that's the case, that sound more likely to a vmware question rather than EV related. I might be wrong, but I think that you want to shrink the vmdk disk:

    VMware Tools shrink option on ESXi/ESX hosted virtual machines

    I hope this helps.