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7 years ago

EV Mobile Searcg Character Error

Hello together,

in the mobile search window we can see that special charaters in the vault name like ä,ü,é displays with a numerical code. (See attachment)

In the searchpanel the special characters are dispalyed correctly.

Is this a known behaviour?

Kind regards,

Lucas Häussler

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  • Lucas,


    What version of EV are you running? I just tried to reproduce this on EV 12.2 and the characters showed up fine.


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      Hello Chris,

      thanks for your answer. Thats strange because the customer is running 12.1.3 and I have tested this in my test enviroment with also 12.2

      Kind regards


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        Hello Lucas, 

        The best option would be to open a new case with Veritas Support.

        btw.. which device are you using to access the EVS mobile search? do you have a consistent behaviour between the normal web browser and the mobile one?


  • Anybody have a solution for this? I dont think this is related to the version.