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10 years ago

EV Outlook Web App - Navigation to the webpage was canceled

I am attempting to get the EV Outlook WebApp to work in Outlook 2013 and am experiencing numerous problems

My platform consists of Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 server and an Exchange 2013 server plus the CAS.

The WebApp in Outlook 2013 shows successfully for the mailbox it was deployed to however when you click on the "Enterprise Vault" link it gives an error message.

"Navigation to the webpage was canceled."

When I retry it eventually gives "There is a problem with the website's security certificate."

I should add that this is a test environment and I have used an internal  self generated certificate.


My problem is that after deploying the office web app I don't know how it has arrived at the hostname of the ev server.

Using Powershell I have queried the manifest file for the mailbox and the ev server name looks different to what I had expected it to be.

So my question is where does it derive this value from and how do I actually change it?


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  • Is EV configured for HTTPS?  Seems like your issue is similar to this:


    Search Archives button in OWA leads to a prompt for mixed content in Internet Explorer.

    Article:TECH130551  |  Created: 2010-01-26  |  Updated: 2014-08-06  |  Article URL
  • Yes EV is configured for https in order to get the OutlookWeb App to work, but the SSL cert is for <server>.<test domain> but the manifest xml file shows <server>.<test domain>.local . Hence the invalid cert errors.