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9 years ago

ev11 no available slots in the work items queue

Hi all,

I have an issue where indexing seems to be running behind more and more.

When dtracing EVIndexVerifyTask adn EVIndexVolumesProcessor, I see almost only the following entry:

{IndexVolumesManager} There are currently no available slots in the work items queue.

Is it possible to somehow clear that 'work items queue'? Restart indexing service? Reboot server? SQL?



  • Resolved!

    A few days ago, I accidentally found an KB article on the Symantec site ( which describes hanging searches from DA/CA. As these use the indexes heavily, this might be causing this issue. This is caused by an Security Update from MS (KB3076895) which IS installed on the servers. Following the link from the document, an update has been posted that fixes this.


    The update is listed here:


    We applied this update last night, rebooted the servers. The indexing has catched up! VAC now shows:

    NO problems detected.

    I ran some SQL qeuries, looking for items awaiting indexing (new, and backlog), no rows returned.



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