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17 years ago

EV60-OWA2000 Retrieve Archived Items Dont Work

we are running EV60 SP3 and Exch 2000. OWA 2000 is working fine except one user: He cannot access the archived items in his mailbox over OWA.
When opening any archived item the banner with the instruction "Click here ...." dont appear and attachments are shown with an "@" and size of 65KB. So he cannot retrieve these message and the attachments.
In Outlook 2003 and Archive Explorer everything works fine.
Anyone with an idea about the reason of this?

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  • Ralf,

    Are the buttons displayed?
    Is there any error message?
    Other Users are running fine?

  • Hi Michel,
    in OWA2000 there are no EV-specific buttons i mean? It is not OWA2003.
    No Error-Messages appear and other users running fine.
    It seems that for this user the behavior is like OWA2003 where the archived item is restored from Vault when double-click on it. But we are using OWA2000 and normally a user should click on the banner at the top of an opened archived item to view the original.
  • Ah, OK....
    Never had the pleasure of OWA2000, so, unfortunately I can't be of much help here :(
    I'd suggest you file a case with Symc, or just wait until tomorrow, maybe a Symantec Employee will help you out here.

    Good luck!

  • OK lets break this problem down. 
    You say that only this user cannot open archived items.  When an archived item is opened a request is made from the Exchange Server to the EV Server.  If you have Front End Exchange Servers configured then the request will flow through this, through the BE Exchange Server and onto the EV server and return the same way.  The EVANON virtual directory is used on the EV server to accept requests from the Exchange Servers only and uses a anonymous account.
    Therefore firstly if you are using FE Exchange Servers connect directly to the BE Exchange server and logon as the user with the URL http://BEExchangServername/Exchange/Username.  Can you confirm if this works?
    Test with a user who has a mailbox int he same MAilbox store as the user who fails? Does he/she deinfately fail? 
    If it does then need to repeat the above on the FE Exchange Server and I would expect a failure in which case let me know.
    I will assume however that this does not work from the BE Exchange Server, therfore you need to look in IIS logs on the Exchange Server, see the request and look in the IIS logs ont he EV server for the request for the archived item reaching this. Can you spot any failures? 500, 300 401 errors????
    Another thing to look at is a Dtrace of the StorageOnlineOPNS.  Go to Support for Enterprise Vault for Exchange and search on Dtrace it will be the first hit if you are unsure how to run this. 
    Also it would be worth checking the EV Event log on the EV server for any errors at the time of failure. One cause of this failure can be shopping location and permissions.
    Even if the above info does not help you solve it, make sure you gather it as a Support Engineer from Symantec will ask you for some if not all of the above so it could save you time.
    Good Luck
  • Hi Genie!
    Thanks for your reply. The test with an other user in the same mailbox store was the trick, it did not work too. So I moved the mailbox to a different store and OWA works as expected.
    So I think that the mailboxes in the affected store do not use the OWA Extensions and open the shortcut like a normal email. But how can I resolve this and why can happen this behavior?