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12 years ago

EV8 reporting


can anyone recommend any way of getting automated reports from ev8?

is there a 3rd party tool out there or any scripts to get the info. ie. nightly archiving, etc....



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  • So first of all, you install SQL Reporting Services.
    Typically this gets installed on the SQL Server, but can be installed on the EV Server if you wanted, it has a relatively small footprint  and doesn't impact performance.

    Then once you have installed and configured SSRS, you then run the EV Install binaries which has the Reporting Services option.

    After the install, you then run the Reporting Deployment tool, and you specify where the EV Directory database is, it then goes and sets up a DataSource connection for SQL Reporting and uses a custom DLL.

    It then deploys the RDL's which are the different operational reports (such as archived items per hour, billing etc)

    Some Reports such as Items Accessed require Auditing to be enabled, reports such as Server Health require monitoring to be enabled, and any Data Analysis reports need FSA to be deployed and FSA Reporting to be enabled