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6 years ago

EVSVR DumpSaveset for large number of savesets


I have used this several times over the past many years with EV. However, now I have a requirement to perform this recombination attempt for thousands of savesets. [Reason: we are migrating to O365, and using a migration tool to extract/migrate items from EV. I am expected to do due diligence on the items that the migration tool fails to migrate].

I have been unable to find a way to use EVSVR DumpSaveset for a large number of items, without manual effort.

Will appreciate if anyone can assist. ... either by suggesting a way to supply an input file for DumpSaveset ... or ... by somehow passing arguments while running from a batch file.

FYI .. we are at EV 10.0.4




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    I'm in the same boat - 

    EV 12.2 and I have been asked to run EVSVR Verify operation against all partitions. ( Before we migrate to O365)

    Looking for a script that will let me schedule EVSVR ? 

    Did you find that in your search?

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      I have done a lot of migrations in the past couple of years and would not personally take this approach. Repairing the data just to migrate it seems like a waste to me. I would identify teh impacted content via errors and sampling those errors and if a samplign all failed the same for the same reasons I would consider that content acceptable loss in a failure report rather than trying to scrub teh source to make the failures not show up. 

      I hope this makes sense and naturally am available to discuss your migration if you desire. 

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        I guess more to your question, why not just try to do a retrieval of items via another means other than EVSVR DS Interactive? Are these retrievals over multiple archives? VS? You could do something crafty and use PS to create URLs using the SSID and Archive ID that woudl attempt to open and fail what it could not. If you needed details about teh failures you could always set up appropriate DTracing. Although a little more obstuse I would assume that would a) test teh content (if that is teh goal) and b) provide you any data about what is messed up in the retrieval (if that is the concern) which should be roughly on par with mass EVSVR DSing