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16 years ago

Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 MIGRATION Details

Hi people,


I'm in a complicated situation. In a project to upgrade the Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 in cluster I've already upgraded the EV 6.0 to EV2007 + SP2. But now that we are begin to move the mailboxs  to the new Exchange server I discovered across this forum that is necessary to do a lot of things in EV enviromment.


For me just were necessary to upgrade the EV to EV2007 SP2 version....


The new Exchange 2007 will have 03 Mailbox Serves in SCC cluster (two active nodes); two CAS/HUB servers in NLB and one UM server. We will also instal an ISA server 2006 in the DMZ.


Can you give me tips about what to do? (manual, links, tips, etc) What configuration is necessary in the EV server and Exchange 2007 Servers? I don't very much about EV.... Please I need a help


Thank you a lot!!!!



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  • Martins


    I highly suggest that you involve Professional Services in this scenario...

    That's not something which gets explained easily in a forum.