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19 years ago

Exclude a specific folder from archiving

Hi All,

I recently discovered that the Junk E-Mail folder in Outlook 2003 is not excluded from our archiving policy.

Can I exclude it using an evpm script or is this a registry setting. I have searched everywhere to no avail.

Currently on EV5.0 sp3


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  • I think the following would do the trick, I would try on a test user first, but I think it will do the trick:

    directorycomputername = *****
    sitename = *****

    distinguishedname = all

    name = \Junk E-mail
    filtername = DoNotArchive
  • Definately use the evpm'll only need to run it once against your exchange servers (and then every once and awhile to catch the new people whom are added).

    Skipping the junk email folder should be on the wish list for sp3 or v7 (if it isn't on there already).