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  • Hi xgtdec,

    You would need an archive point in folder 2 subfolder 15. If you add the subfolder as a folder inside the volume, you can uncheck 'Archive this folder' and 'Archive subfolders' to exclude it from the archiving process.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Declan,

    Not sure of your version but you can do this via the VAC - you can choose to not archive a folder in its target properties. You are best to also create a do not archive policy and add the folder(s) to that and you can also use retention folders to replicate this across multiple shares if you need to.

    There is more information at which focuses more on the retention folders side but does also show how to exclude the folder.


  • Hi Guys


    Thanks for the replies!!!!

    Turning off the archiving at the target properties level makes sense, and adding folder 2 subfolder 15 as a folder and then unchecking "archive this folder" without creating an archive point is a good idea!


    Do you know if i can wildcard this?, say i have 20 users in a volume but i want to exclude the same folder for each there a *.\user\folder path option?

  • Retention folders might be the answer here as it allows you to create a folder structure and then apply the same structure to multiple users

  • For just one folder, you can add it as a folder target but if you want to exclude the same folder name across multiple directories, then retention folders as Jason mentioned, would be your option.