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15 years ago

Exporting 200 archives to PST


I need to export over 200 users archive to a PST.  What I am wondering is if

(1) Can this be automated? i.e I have the list of AD names...
(2) Can we remove the shortcuts in the mailbox as we export?

We cannot restore directly back into the users mailbox as we cannot cope with the size requirements on our exchange server


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  • Sorry  a PST per archive - not one PST for all 200 archives

  • 1) There is no current way (eg command line) to do this.
    2) There is no current way to do this either.  (You'd have to write a vbscript using CDO - for example - to post process the mailbox and remove shortcuts)

    Hope that helps,
  • May I ask why you want to do this? The reason I ask is that maybe there is another way to address your issue without exporting 200 archives

    Give us some background on why you are doing this and maybe we can give you a better solution

  • Hi Scanner001

    We have 8 offices.  3 of the offices are splitting off to a rival company (but amacable split) 

    We have agreed to export all of their email from exchange and EV on a set date.  This equals about 200 users.

    The new company that these three offices does not use EV
  • 1. Add to some searchable attribute (like Office) some unique flag (I do it usually by Powershell) 2. Run Provisioning task 3. Run Export to PST 4. Choose archives by flag set 5. Export archives