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15 years ago

Giving users the option to enable Vault Cache

Hi all,

I'm preparing an upgrade from EV 7.5 to EV8.  After looking in depth at Vault Cache, I found something suprising/disappointing.  In 7.5, the mailbox policy lets you set Offline Vault to be 'User Enabled.'  When set this way, the users can choose to enable Offline Vault from the Tools menu in Outlook.  The average person who doesn't need it may not even know its there.  In 8, I see 4 possible scenarios.
  1. You can set the desktop policy to make Vault Cache 'not availble,' which makes it disabled for everyone
  2. You can set the desktop policy to make it automatically enabled, which enables it for everyone
  3. You can allow users to decide, and have the Advanced setting 'Show Setup Wizard' set to 'Off,' this will also enable it for everyone (don't understand this logic)
  4. You can allow users to decide, and have the Advanced setting 'Show Setup Wizard' set to 'On,' this will let each user decide, but they are prompted to turn it on as soon as they open Outlook the first time.  I don't understand the logic in this scenario either, as I think the average person will turn it on even if they don't know what it is.

With that said, am I missing something?  Is there some combination of settings that will leave 'Enable Vault Cache' buried in the Tools menu, without prompting the user to turn it on?  More akin to how 7.5 Offline Vault worked.

Any help or advice would be great.

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  • Select "Make Vault Cache available for all users" in the Desktop Policy for Vault Cache.  And Select "Allow users to decide"

    On the Advanced Tab of the Desktop policy, select the Vault cache option on the drop down.
    Set "Show Setup Wizard" to Off.

    This setting will now allow users to enable Vault Cache only from under the Tools->Enterprise Vault

  • Thanks for the follow up Kunal, but that's not doing the trick for me.

    In that scenario, it will eventually turn it self on (for me).  And this is the description of the "Show Setup Wizard" setting taken from the Admin Guide:

    If the wizard is turned off, vault cache waits for the amount of time
    that is specified in Pause Interval and then automatically begins
    looking for items to download.

    In your configuration, do you experience something different?