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13 years ago

How can you prioritize end user activity?

We have a business need to archive during the day.    But we found that when we do this, shortcut retrievals consistently time out.   If we open a web browser and find the item with search.asp, the retrieval doesn't timeout but it takes 2-4 minutes to retrieve the item vs. taking just a few seconds when we are not in the middle of the archiving window.

Is there any way to tune the EV servers so that they give priority to user retrieval requests?

The archiving policy isn't very aggressive (archive everything older than 1 year) but the ingestion schedule is -- ~50 TB of Exchange mail plus an as yet to be determined quantity of files (FSA) by the end of the year.   So we need to devote as many hours as possible to the archiving window.   But due to the current response times, the vault is effectively unusable to end users while we archive.



  • As far as i know there isn't a way to prioritise as what you needed. The archiving and the retrieval processes are using the archiving task at the same time and then call from MSMQ. Increase your RAM, CPU cores and MSMQ memory, and do the same for your SQL server i.e. RAM and CPU cores.

    What version of EV are you running and what OS is it running on? What version of SQL are you running and what OS is it running on? Try increase resources for those machines and it will improve your EV performances.

    Hope that helps.

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