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9 years ago

How many connections to Exchange Servers?

Hey Guy,

we work in a big enviroment with 3 active EV Server, each one has his own access to DAG Clusters. So we need to know what is the maximum amount of  connections from one EV Server.

Thanks a lot.


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  • Do you mean the below?

    Each EV task has a maximum number of concurrent connections.


  • Each thread for the archiving tasks can hold MAPI sessions. So with syncs etc there could be more than specified. Things such as vault cache syncs, downloading from shortcuts, using archive explorer or search do not make any MAPI calls.

  • yeah I mean the maximum number of concurrent tasks, we heard from a consultant that one EV Server only can handle a limited amount of connections to a Exchange Server maybe 20 oder 25, isn't that right?

  • I have a site of 3 EV servers targetting 4 Exchange servers each, 4 tasks per server, each task is configured to have 5 concurrent connections to Exchange server. This works just fine for us.

  • Prior to an Outlook 2007 SP3 there was a limit to the number of open profiles Outlook 2007 would allow – this was 32, the change to Outlook now allows for 100 profiles. (Also, an authentication cache was introduced in Outlook 2007 that was a fixed size, when the cache is full any attempt to open another profile results in an out of memory error (0x8007000e)). Also see

  • So there is no limit from Veritas for the absolute amount of parallel connections, right?

    Thanks guys for the answers