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14 years ago

How to create a EVPM Script that limits shortcut creation during .PST -migration



Trying to make a EVPM script and I found this to start with:


directorycomputername = EVSERVER
sitename = evsite

LDAPquery = (memberof= CN=TST_GG_EV_VaultCache_Disabled,OU=Global,OU=Groups,OU=LNV,DC=TEST,DC=INTERN)
; Default option settings applicable to all PST migrations
PSTLanguage=Western European
servercomputername = EVSERVER
MailboxFolder =E Archief
MigrationMode = REPORT
IncludeDeletedItems = true
SetPSTHidden = true
SetPSTReadOnly = true
CompactPST = false
DeletePST = false
CancelMbxAutoArchive = true
RetentionCategory = Default Retention Category
vaultname = testuser91
fileName = \\test-file-server\testuser91\prive\Personal Folders(2).pst
How can I add to that an argument that limits shortcut creation during Migration?

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  • Is there any way to limit shortcut creation during the .pst -migration?


  • As you in the realm of scripting one thing that you consider is looking at the create date, or modified date or both of the PST, and if it's "old" then modify the EVPM script to NOT create shortcuts for that PST file.    I (personally) would aim for created date of the PST (as modified date can get changed by all sorts of random things)

  • Unless the tool has changed since EV8.0 SP 1, you can manage your shortcut creation through the PST policy. We set ours to only create shortcuts for items newer then six months. It worked like a champ. There use to be some webinars on PST Migration. That is where I got the info.