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5 years ago

How to move Vault Stores between Vault Store Groups? Can it be done?


I am trying to get to move different vault stores between my Vault Store Groups in order to leverage the SIS option offered by VRTS.

I need to understand and know if it is possible and how? I know it cannot be done prima facie using the UI.

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  • If I understand you correctly this is not really teh way it works. The first archived instance in any shared vaultstore becomes the primary copy and all others have parts and point to the same parent. From my read it sounds like you are trying to migrate items from vault store to vault store using VSGs and it is not like AGs in SQL or DAGs in Exchagne where there is a full copy of everything that can be cut over.


    that make sense?

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      Hello Sheldon,

      SIS is not retrospective. Moving a Vault Store to another VSG will not SIS existing items, only new.

      If you want to SIS everything, I believe the only option is to move the archives, using move archive functionality or 3rd party tooling, to a VS which has SIS enabled.