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7 years ago

How to upgrage ev 11.0.1

EV-Version:11.0.1 ON Windows 2008 R2, SQL 2008R2

Exchange -Version : 2010

The Exchange Server Need upgrade to exchange2016CU5,I check the ev scl ,EV11.0.1CHF5 can support EX2016cu5.  SO I upgrade the ev version to ev11.0.1chf5,,and upgrade the outlook from 2007sp3 to 2013sp1 on ev server.  Now I found :

1.Users On exchange2010 ,OWA and outlook add-in cannot work.

2.Users on exchange2016, OWA and outlook Office Mail APP can work , But outlook add-in can not work

How to fix the outlook add-in??

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  • Hi Calvin,

    Looking at the EV SCL, there is no compatibility issue with these versions. What is the exact problem that you are facing?

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      HI  Virgil_Dobos

      I check the SCL,,,EV11.0.1C5 support exchange2016 cu2to cu6.

      I want to fix the outlook add-in , using oulook add-in cannot archive and search,,, when search  the error 403 Forbidden 

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        Hi Calvin,

        This is a bit confusing. Please share more details about the issue.

        1. How many users are affected?
        2. What is the error you are getting?
        3. What errors do you see on the server side (event logs, dtrace, etc.)

    as Titoine31 suggested, there have been recently deployed Microsoft Office patches which break the EV Search and archived item retrieval functionality in Enterprise Vault

    Check if you have any of the following Windows updates installed on the client computer where Outlook add-in is not working.

    Outlook 2010 - KB4011196 OR KB4011089
    Outlook 2013 - KB4011178 OR KB4011090
    Outlook 2016 - KB4011162 OR KB4011091

    Also, note that

    1. KB4011089 for Outlook 2010 is superseded by KB4011196 
    2. KB4011090 for Outlook 2013 is superseded by KB4011178
    3. KB4011091 for Outlook 2016 is superseded by KB4011162

    Hence, you would need to run the registry fix given on and on if either or both the patches are installed for any Outlook version.

    Have left a comment on both the articles so that Veritas could update the registry fixes accordingly.