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8 years ago

Import PST into Journal Archive for Exchange 2010

Hi All,

I've got some pst's from a recent company aquistition that I need to import into our journal.  We're running ev 10.0.4 and I've never used the personal store management part.  Is it even possible to use this to import function to import pst's on mass to a journal.  


Any help appreciated.

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  • No, you can't import into a Journal archive.  I recommend creating a shared archive in the Journal store and import there.

  • Technically you can import into a Journal. The reason why EV doesn't let you directly import to the Journal Archive through the Admin Console is mostly for compliance/searching reasons since there is no DL expansion or processing of envelopes and undisclosed recipients.

    If they are not journal envelope then you can use EVMP i.e

    DirectoryComputerName = Archive
    sitename = MySite

    PSTLanguage=Western European

    or even turn the journal into a shared archive and back.

    Otherwise just have EV archive the items through the mailbox.

    There are also third party tools, Transvault, archive shuttle etc.