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5 years ago

Importing PST files to 12.4 configured for SMTP Archiving (O365)


We're working on an EV to configure to archive O365 accounts. Is there any way to import PST files since there is no Exchange Server on premises.

Thanks in advance

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  • Hello

    I am nit sure this will work, as an SMTP archive of a user only has an 'inbox' and 'sent items' folder, but it is worth a try. I assume you are going to have SMTP archives for the mailboxes from O365 you are going to archive?

    If a user SMTP archive exists, you can try to import a user PST in there using the wizard in EV (rightclick Archives, Import). If that works, you can script the import, provided you have all PST's in a central location.

    Importing a PST does not require Exchange, as you are doing this direct into EV.

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      Hey Gertjan,

      Thanks for your answer. It is actully a bit more complicated. The pst files to be imported do not belong to an individual but includes mails of many users.

      Is EV capable to classify those and map to correct user?

      Thanks in advance

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        Hello again,

        I doubt it. Importing a PST is done usually into an archive, it is not an 'dsitribute mail to relevant archive'.

        It depends on what the purpose of the import is. Do you want this for Discovery purposes? I would then import the PST's into shared archives, so they can be included into DA searches.

        You can obviously grant users read-access to these archives also BUT that does mean they can see any item in that archive. that might be undesirable.

        If you can define the goal you want to achieve related to this import, you might then be able to discuss with Support or a Partner on if it is possible and/or achievable.