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11 years ago

In-place upgrade of Windows Server 2008 std SP2 to R2 on EV server


We are running EV 9.0.4 (on two standalone servers) and want to upgrade to EV 10.0.4.

The OS is Windows Server 2008 std SP2 64bit.

Does anyone have experience with in-place upgrade of OS from non R2 to R2 on EV servers? Can it be done?

The servers are way oversized due to a heavy PST import 2 years ago and we have only 1000 users.
So another approach could be to move all archives to one server and re-install the other. We use DA to put mails on Legal Hold, so it would require some work in DA too.

Looking forward to hear comments.



  • According with Microsoft, you should be able to upgrade non-R2 to R2:

    In regards to Enterprise Vault, you need to upgrade DA first. Here is the upgrade path for EV, CA and DA:

    Supported upgrade paths for Enterprise Vault (EV), Compliance Accelerator (CA), and Discovery Accelerator (DA).

    Most of the customers are able to upgrade Windows OS to R2 and then Enterprise Vault without any issues. Just make sure that you run the Deployment Scanner after upgrading the OS and before installing EV to make sure you have all the prerequisites installed properly.

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