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19 years ago

Index Location change results in veeeery slow indexserver service shutdown

Hey folks,
Here's an odd one. I used the "move index file location" procedure to move a very large (on the order of 10gb) index location from a local disk (c:\) to a local SAN lun (also containing the vault stores). Everything works just fine, but I've noticed that if we try to stop the indexserver just takes forever to die. In fact it pops up an error that says the service can't stop. Give it 30 more seconds and it stops.
I did a dtrace on the service in medium mode, and from what I could tell, it was doing a lot of "cleanup" operations. So I was wondering if anybody's seen this behavior before? There's no event log status updates, no error messages in the dtrace.
It's EV6.0sp1 on an NTFS SAN volume (fiber attach).

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